Why I Love Camping In An RV

RVI love camping in a RV because it combines the best of both worlds. There are many camping diehards that say it is not camping if you use a recreational vehicle. However, I would strongly disagree with those diehards. Camping is what you make of it and RV camping is one of the most enjoyable ways to camp that there is.


True, camping with only a tent in the wilderness has its features but you need to realize that not all people are able to camp in this manner. For example, me and my wife are in our 60’s and are passed the wilderness camping ventures. There was a time years ago when we used to take our children camping in a tent. It was one of the best experiences that we would have as a family during the year.


Now however, our children are grown and have children of their own and it is only me and my wife who are left in the house. Therefore, a few years ago we decided to buy a recreation vehicle and continue our camping adventures in style. True, camping in a recreational vehicle is not as adventurous as camping in the tent but we still have our adventures.


Every summer we pick a new location to drive our recreational vehicle. We normally spend up to one month at one or two locations. We still do a lot of the same things that we used to do when we camped in a tent and if you are wondering what to bring camping for this type of camping will be a little different but we still want to enjoy a campfire. We still enjoy making a fire and sitting around it. On occasion we even roasting marshmallows or two.


Both my wife and I are fishing enthusiasts. We developed this love for fishing soon after we began dating. All of our children were taught how to fish and they all still enjoy the sport of fishing. When we park our RV, we always bring along are fishing gear and try out the local stream or lake.


recreational-vehicle-270061_1280Now that we are older we enjoy sleeping on a proper mattress in our RV. Gone are the days when we used to be able to sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground. Also, our RV has a complete kitchen set up which allows us to continue to enjoy an early morning breakfast of fresh caught trout, eggs, hash browns, and toast.


One of the most important aspects for the elderly when RV camping is that they have their own washroom. No longer do we need to travel to the local outhouse only to find that it is occupied. Any of you elderly RV campers will understand exactly what I’m saying.


The bottom line is that we appreciate being in a campsite that has a variety of tents, tent trailers, and recreational vehicles. This allows young and adventurous campers to mix in with the older experienced campers. Whatever form of shelter you have when it comes to camping it really does not matter. What matters is that you get yourself out into the great outdoors and enjoy nature at its best.